Tips to Saving Money

Everyone is looking for way to save money from everyday items to events.  Here are a few tips to help you out.

The traditional way to save money is to keep up with sales, coupons, discount cards and many other ways.  The best way to control the chaos is to set-up an email account to keep up with email clubs and sales flyers that companies send to you.  Yahoo or Gmail are great free services to corral all the sales information.  The best way to make sure you know what the account is for is to give it your last name and follow it with “savings” or “coupons”, for example:  smithcoupons@yahoo or smithfamilycoupons@yahoo.

Then go to the following sites and sign up:

Coupon Mom This is a site that follows grocery store sales and couples them with coupons for savings anywhere from 40%-95% off grocery, cleaning, and hygiene items!  Registration is free.

Southern Savers This is a site like the one above.  is a different format, but registration is still free.

Short Cuts This is a site that lets you choose e-coupons that are automatically put onto your shoppers card whether that be Kroger or any other store that has a customer card.  This is also free.

Party City great place for party favors, decorations, and invitations.  Join the e-club and get special coupons in the e-mail box.  OH!!!  almost forgot.  If you bring in print outs of items the store has in stock, they will price match to the prices online.

Red Plum free registration.  Site for e-coupons.  The coupons often mimic the Sunday paper coupons.

Smart Source Like Red Plum.

Price comparison…

Call the store that you want to purchase from to see if they do price matching.  A lot of retailers do this and often times will either match on the spot or give a discount on top of the match.

Check the retailers websites.  May times the prices online will differ from the prices in the store.  There are some stores that will not do price matching with other retailers will match there own online prices in the store.

Don’t be afraid to do the legwork.  You’ll be amazed at the amount of money you can save.


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