To All Northgate Vikings in Newnan, GA…

The Angels’ Muse needs your help!  I have it under good authority that your local party store will NOT be carrying Northgate Graduation supplies!There is hope!  The Angels’ Muse is currently taking suggestions for the kinds of grad stuff you would like to see.  To help out with this, just click the comments link and leave your suggestions.  Anything from balloons, to plates to even favors, let us know.  We want to be your grad headquarters!

For the parents…

We are accepting monetary contributions to stock our coffers.  The contributions will go toward purchasing the items you need to make your seniors graduation celebrations perfect.  The funds will be handled like this:

1.     Email us at: theangelsmuse @  you will have to copy and paste the address in order to remove the spaces.  We eliminate SPAM this way. In your email, include your contribution to the supplies.  Include a list of supplies as well.

2.     An email will be sent in reply that includes a paypal button.  Click the button and follow the prompts.

3.     We will mark your name and contribution in a paper file.  This is to ensure that computer problems will keep us from losing the records.

4.     We will place the orders for you and let you know when to expect there arrival at our location.  When we receive the items, we will contact you to set-up a time that you can either come to get them, or a time we can deliver them.

5.     If the total of the supplies is more than the contribution, we will send you another email explaining this and another paypal button.

6.     If the total of the supplies is less than the contribution, we will refund you the difference.

In order to keep you updated on the status of the supplies, bookmark this blog.  We will be posting updates on the supplies.  This includes orders placed to vendors, and arrival dates of the shipments.  We want to do everything we can to be your Northgate Graduation store.


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