More Crafting Videos… Be on the lookout…

For those of you who like to save money, (and who doesn’t?) I will be posting two videos on Monday, May 10th. They will have step-by-step instructions on how to turn treat boxes and 8 oz party cups in to centerpieces. If you wish to follow along with the video, you will need the following:

1 treat box, 1 8oz cup, 4 pieces of tissue paper that correspond to the colors of the box and cup, four helium-filled latex balloons, string for the balloons, and anything you can tie the balloons to in order to weigh them down.

After the video is uploaded to Youtube, they(or the links to them) will be placed in a post on this blog for your review. As always, feel free to comment on the video. I am an amateur at videoing myself and welcome any input you may have on how to improve my skills. Fair warning: I use a digital camera to record the video; so, you will here some background noise. I am hoping to save enough money to afford a camcorder in the hopefully near future.

>>>UPDATE<<< Due to unexpected occurrences, the craft videos will be done today. The computer has still been having problems, and yesterday it decided it was going to keep restarting. This would have put a damper on trying to edit and upload anything.


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