Hearts on a Chain… The Introspective…

chain maille,jumprings,metal work,metal weave,charm bracelet,heart charms,faux pandora bead,silver plated,aluminum chainThe finished product.  I am not going to say it didn’t take long to do.  I would be lying.  Every link you see in the piece was cut and smoothed by hand.  Every headpin and bead unit was as well.  It was a labor that I would love to do again and again.

I can’t take all the credit.  I got the pattern for the chain out of a magazine article.  Step by Step Wire Jewelry is the magazine that gave me the inspiration.  The faux Pandora bead in the middle I found at a hobby shop and had to put it in my piece.  The charms were already at the house.  They were left-over materials from Valentine’s Day.    The bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches in length.

I am not usually a heart person, but the mood struck me; so, I put them in the piece.  The chain looked barren without them.

If you wish to purchase this piece, click here.


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