Leather and Pink…

The Journey of How I Used a Color I am Not Fond of…

dichroic glass,pink,leather cording,macrame,leather working,leather braiding,knotworkSo…  Here is the thing.  I do NOT like pink.  It takes a lot to get me into anything pink.  This piece was two firsts for me.  1) Using dichroic glass in jewelry, and 2) Using pink in anything.

Here is how it happened…

I was shopping at one of my favorite places to get my crafting supplies and stopped by the stand which had short strands of beads on it.  As I looked at the glass hearts, circles, leaves, and squiggles, I saw the swirl you see in the picture.  I was going to dismiss it at first, but my muse had already placed in a jewelry piece and, therefore, I had to purchase it.  I had the leather cord in my beading supplies for quite some time and had no clue, until then, what I was going to do with it.

The piece came together one night, as I was sitting my bedroom watching TV.  It took me about two hours, give or take, to braid and fashion the adjustable closure.

The prop is a paper flower that I made during a how-to video.  I thought it made the necklace pop out of the picture more.

Like it?  Click here.


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