A Sad Day…

We put our dog to sleep today.  She woke up this morning unable to walk or sit.  We took her to vet, and after a diagnosis, we decided it was best not to let her suffer any longer.  This post is a tribute to her.

Picture 001.jpg
The one who always said hello when everyone else couldn’t.
The one who always ate the scraps when she knew she shouldn’t.
The one who knew when you were sad, and sat near so you could pet her.
The one who always loved to play, she wrestled until you pet her.

All her heart, she gave to us, with never a reservation.
Sixteen years of being there, without any hesitation.
She played until she wanted love, and we would gladly give it.
Sixteen years we’d do again; Lord knows we would relive it.

She has her place in heaven now, without pain or further suffering.
She will run for an eternity, her youth never withering.
Though there is a vacancy in our lives without her in it.
We know she’s in a better place, with God every minute.

Lady Underfoot Rodriguez
April 17, 1994 to June 21, 2010


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