The Long and the Short of It…

…Or how one design gave birth to another.

This is the original design.  The inspiration for these came from a design that is mass-manufactured for a clothing store.  Sassy, a friend of mine, had brought earrings by and asked if I could fix them.  I wound up re-doing them completely.  They were too short for her taste, and left with a different pair.  This was winter/spring ’09.  I had made them in three different colors I took pictures of them at a later date.

Leverback three

They were listed on etsy, where they sat for a while.  They received a few views every now and then, but no one seemed to want to give them a home.

Enter:  Year 2010

Two friends of mine, Travis and Ruth came to visit in January (16th-18th).  I couldn’t tell you truthfully how long it had been since all three of us had been together at the same time.  I felt like a kid at Christmas. The 17th was the day.  I couldn’t sit still.

When they arrived, there were plenty of hugs to go around.  We came into the house via the garage, where some of the jewelry is displayed.  I told Ruth to pick out a piece and consider it a birthday gift as she would not be here on her birthday.  She chose the pair at the beginning of this post.  We spent the rest of the day goofing off and wandering around Atlanta.

After my friend Ruth got back home to Illinois, she called me to tell me her daughter (then 14), thought the earrings were pretty but a little short.  Ruth asked me if I could make her a pair a little longer than hers.  Ruth said she would but them for Shannon’s birthday.

It’s been a week since the Sunday the earrings were made:

Shannon's Earrings




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