The Story of an Inspiration…

…Or how to turn a heart into jewelry.

It starts, with me a least, a picture I see clearly in my mind.  Sometimes, it goes from the picture in my head to the idea being put together.  There is a rare occasion that the idea becomes a sketch in a book.  This series of posts will be a pictorial journey of how something goes from sketch to reality.

wire jewelry,wire twisting,earrings,crystal
Heart Earring Sketch

As you can see, it will be a pair of earrings.  I’m already thinking that it should only be one large heart with three crystals in the center.  More like this:

wire jewelry,heart earrings
Revised Sketch

I am also thinking silver wire instead of red.  They will be large enough so that the crystals dangle freely.  This sketch, like the one above is a very rough one, but I hope it gives you enough of an idea of what I want it to look like.

The original design will still be revisited;  I think, maybe.  I just won’t do it now.  I’m thinking 14 gauge wire at least.  This will make the design more stable.  They won’t be as fragile.  The next step is bending the wire into the shape.  I have to see if I can use a jig in order to shape it.

It may sound simple, but the design is the tricky part.  You always have to keep in mind that the more you fold the wire over itself, the thicker it becomes.

More Later…


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