Adventures in Soaping… Part 1

This blog series will take you through the process of making lye soap.  I am making soap for dry skin.  In order to make soap, you need the proper tools.

Soap making materials

I am following a recipe for basic hot process soap.  This means that all the acidity of the lye is cooked out during the process.  I made a few changes to the recipe.  I am using an infusion of lavender flowers in place of water and apricot kernel oil instead of the oil asked for in the recipe.

Lavender infusion

This is the lavender infusion.  I let the herb sit in boiled water for 30 minutes in order to get as much of the medicinal properties as possible.  I then strained it and let it cool.  After it cooled, I added the proportionate amount of lye and got:

Lye Solution

This solution heated up to 160 degrees.  I have to wait until it cools to 110 degrees before adding to the oils.

Oils for soap

The oils and the lye solution have to be the same temperature before they are mixed in order to for soap.  I will have more pictures later.


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