The Story of an inspiration… Part 2

A basic plastic wire jig

This is a jig that I purchased many years ago when I started toying around with wire jewelry.  It is small, and doesn’t tend to cooperate when I want to make large pieces, but, fortunately, I haven’t gotten to the large piece phase.

I have placed the pegs where I want the wire to go, and and imagined what it would look like once I put the wire onto it.  I chose 16 gauge wire instead of the 14 I originally planned to use because the smaller wire (16 gauge), looked better artistically, in my humble opinion.

The Beginning of an earring...

So, here I have wrapped the wire around the jig.  The next step is to pull it off and set it just the way I want the heart to look so that it can have crystal accents.  I may wrap wire around the main wire.  I haven’t decided yet.  I never know what the finished piece is going to look like until I am done.

More Later…


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