Adventures in Soaping… Part 4

Well, the first batch is spotty and soft.  I logged on to a soap makers forum, and found out that the softness is because that the recipe in the book that I used called for too much water.

It is spotty because I over cooked it.  I will start again.  At least I know what I did wrong so that I can correct it.  I promise.  There will be soap in the shop as soon as I perfect the recipes.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Soaping… Part 4

  1. Perfecting a soap recipe can take years and many, many batches. Not 10 or 20, but over a hundred. I hope you won’t dare sell your soap until you have a bar soap that you have watched for over a year, to see how it acts, as soaps can spoil or be harmful to people. Even if you have tested it on yourself, you still need to know what it will do.


    1. Thank you for your advice. I have started a soap making research folder and a picture blog on photo bucket. I am always open to advice and suggestions when I am starting out. I never claim to know everything. 🙂


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