Saving Money on Halloween…

jack-o-lantern1 It’s September.  The air is getting a little cooler, colors other than green are appearing on the trees, and most everyone is decorating in fall colors and planning on turning their lovely homes into scary landscapes with ghosts, ghouls, and goblins.  I am talking about Halloween.  The time of year when children clamor for costumes.  Yes, that’s right, they want to dress up and be someone -or something- else just for one evening.

The economy, and your checkbook, probably will not allow for a $20-$40 costume for just one night.  Instead of looking on wall or looking at costume after costume, try looking in your closets.  Yep, your closets.  Take out all the clothes that are ripped, stained, and too short.  Lay them out on the bed and take stock of what you have.

Here are a few things that you can do to make costumes for little or no money or talent. You will never know what you can do until you it give your best shot.

The picture you see to the right is of homemade costumes.  The link under the picture is a blog about homemade costumes.  As you can see, all these are fairly easy to make.  you are probably breaking out in a cold sweat.  You’re thinking sewing machine, needle and thread.  There is fabric glue available for those that don’t think they could manage a needle and thread.  The glue is easy to use and can transform any matching set of undies into a “super” costume.  Looking for something a little less flamboyant?  Take pants and a razor, slice them downwards from the knee (while you do not have them on, of course), and run them through a washer for that extra worn effect.  Take a shirt and shred the bottom and the sleeves the same way.  Cut holes in the shirt.  You now have the beginnings of either a hobo’s costume or the costume of someone that was stranded on an island.  All you need is the proper make-up.  That is where the next series of posts come into play.  The next few posts will be about introducing you to the wonderful world of make-up effects.  I will be giving uploading videos on how to do the effects.  Don’t panic.  Looking dirty, gory, or even fresh out of the grave is easier than you think.


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