Soap Diaries… Kelp Soap

It has been since the 13th of August that I posted about the basic kelp soap that I made.  Since then, I am down to five bars.

Kelp Soap

As you can see, it is still in one piece, relatively speaking.  It is still in tact.  The book said that hot process soap will be a little spongy.  It is, just as the book said, a little spongy.  The lather is very good.  Even though I put essential oils in the oil that I used to super fat, It has no fragrance.  I guess I didn’t put enough in it.

Why essential oils, you ask?  I have a husband that is allergic to artificial additives; so, a lot of fragrances are out.  I am looking for natural colorings to tint the soap for the same reason.  I have eczema; so, I have to be careful what I put in the soap.  A lot of detergents make me break out.  These two things is what made me start soap making.

A picture of the lather

This is the lather.  I got so excited when I used the soap for the first time and didn’t have to try hard to make a lather!  I made this!  Is this not great?  I mean, I have been making the “make and pour” variety for years, but it didn’t give me the sense of accomplishment or the excitement that I had when used the lye soap for the first time.  Geeky?  Maybe, but if that makes me a geek, than a geek I am.

Praise God for the talent to do this.  With him all things are possible!  I just love this!  I am going to make this soap again and add more essential oils to give it a good fragrance.

Until next time…


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