The Make-Up Kit…

Basic Make-Up Kit

This is my basic make-up kit.  Yours will be smaller, I’m sure.  Everyone’s kit depends on what they and/or their child(ren) want to be for Halloween.  As you can see, my kits is designed to make anyone anything from a hobo to the walking dead.  Not everything there is make-up.  There are make-up wedges, q-tips, a blush brush, paint brushes, and eyeliner.  See a pattern?  Not all the items are effects make-up. After all, how can I -in all honesty- give tips on saving money for Halloween, if I tell you to go out and buy a ton of stuff?  You can make a lot of simple effects with the make-up you have in your home.   I will be showing you how to do that as well.

Until next time…


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