Halloween Make-Up Fake skin…

Fake Skin

Need a 3-d scar, wrinkles, or a cut that looks really gruesome?  This is the stuff for you.  You see this little pack of Creepy hanging on a peg in a party or costume store.  It is easy to use, and no adhesives are needed to get this to stick anywhere on your person (use your discretion).  Once again, do a patch test.  I stress patch tests on my other blog as well.  Why?  If you have sensitive skin, you need to do a skin test to make sure you can use this.  Ever wonder what it looks like?

Creepy Skin

Kind of like silly putty, isn’t it?  It sort of feels like that.  It has cotton fibers in it for a more realistic look and feel.  You can put make-up on it to make it blend with your skin and make-up effects.

More later…


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