Jewelry Spotlight… Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion

These earrings came to me one afternoon when I was trying my hand at mass assembly of jewelry.  I can’t do mass manufacturing.  Not only am I not a machine programmed to assemble “x” number of pieces in a day.  I am someone who looks at the materials that I have on hand, and see if anything comes to me.  I know this tends to undermine the listing of constant items, but if I don’t get ideas that day, I don’t make anything.

I wanted something with a Southwestern feel.  I thought feathers, turquoise and carnelian.   I wanted it to dangle in a chandelier type way; so, I went looking for the perfect way to put all these things together.  That’s where the triangles came in.  I love the patterns in the findings, and thought they would be perfect.  The ear wires close in the back.  To break everything up, I threw some silver findings.  When I was finished, I looked and smiled.  I has done what I set out to do.

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