The Injury Stack…

Or looking like you just had a biking accident…

From the front...

A Little Road Rash
Nice Shiner, huh?

How did I do this?

Why with these:

Injury stack with four colors...

This injury stack can be found at any party or costume shop.  It ranges from $8.99-9.99 per stack.  It has the following colors:

Undead purple,


Corpse Yellow, and

Bruised Red.

These four colors, used in combination, can make you like as I did above.  The total look took less than 2 minutes to do.  Remember, it’s not only the make-up, but the whole package from head to toe.  My hair is a mess.  That is also a key.  If I would have put the make-up on and fixed my hair, it would not have been nearly as convincing.

This stipple sponge was also used to do the scrapes that you see on my face.  This course little sponge can produce stunning layered make-up effects.

A course stipple sponge...

This FX Blood was used for the split temple.

FX Blood

Bet you are wondering how exactly I did it.  I will have the video uploaded to our YouTube Channel.  You will be amazed at how easy it was.


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