Chemicals??? No thank you… I will make my own soaps…

and detergents…



My bathroom detergent


Here it is.  the soap that replaced Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, scrubbing bubbles, and all that crappy smelling bleach cleaner.


2 oz  Borax (this is a naturally occurring mineral)

2 oz  Baking soda (Scrubbing agent)

2 oz shredded lye soap ( I used my first batch, which I overcooked, but it still works!)

30 drops of Aura Cacia’s Purify essential oil blend.

I mixed them in a glass mixing bowl.  I sprinkle a little in the place I am going to clean; wet a sponge, and I am on my way.  The smell is heavenly.  You can even add 1/8 cup of it in a half bucket of water to mop.  It leaves the floor shiny and clean.



My first batch...


This is a piece of my lavender soap from my very first batch of lye soap.  I overcooked it, but I didn’t have the heart to give it the heave-ho.


I shred it to wash dishes, make cleaning detergents and anything else I can think of doing with it.

I wash my hair with it today.  My hair was squeaky clean.



Lemon Verbena Soap


This is from my latest batch of soap.  It smells wonderful and cleans like a charm!

And my husband said it would be more expensive to make my own soaps.  😉





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