A Child of the Night You Say?




Which one would you like to be this Halloween?  Throughout Literary and Hollywood history, there have been many children of the night.  I am going to talk about some of my favorites (and some no-so favorites) on here.


From Dracula (Lugosi did it best.) to Edward Cullen, the world has been full of Vampires, the myths, the romanticism, and strengths and weaknesses.  Ever since Hollywood glorified the undead prince, we have been finding ways to perfect the “look”.  From capes to suits, to dusters and yes, expensive slacks, the wardrobe has changed as much as the make-up.  One thing has remained constant, they are indeed pale.  The difference is in how pale, whether their cheeks look sunken in or whether they “shimmer” (Which, IMHO, they do not.)

Take a look a Bella Lugosi.  His pallor is pale (Of course, it could be due to the black and white movie.); his shirt- white, black cape, and that stare that mesmerizes.  He is the epitome of vampire legend.  The dark lips note his lack of blood to that area.  If you do a search for “Dracula”, most of the results will come up with some picture of my fave.  I do so love the classics.




The eighties and nineties brought with it the possibility of vampires being the hunkiest things on the face of the planet to never have a pulse.  In the picture to the right, you have Spike (James Marsters) and Angel (David Boreanaz).  Aren’t they yummy?  *clears throat*  Leather jackets, jeans, slacks, nice shirts, they had it all.  Angel was even cursed with his soul.  Who could ask for more? These were vamps with plenty of bite, well Spike was, anyway.  Lots of heat and just a little make-up.





Yikes!  What happened to “a little make-up”?  The growl, the creases, the lower brow, the shadowing, it could only be a  latex prosthetic with a couple of different shades of make-up.  Wow, what a difference. A little goes a long way.  This probably took quite a few hours to get just right. You could probably order the kit online, but then you would have to figure out how exactly it went onto the face.  Not to mention most prosthetic pieces don’t come already colored and ready to go.  Thank goodness for YouTube and video tutes, huh?




Enter, the year 2000, and Stephanie Meyer.  Enter Edward, the brooding, possessive, overbearing, pretty vamp.  He is the one who shimmers.  Yes, for all of you traditionalists, I said shimmers.  He does NOT go *poof* in a ball of flame in the sun.  This is the teen angst version of a vampire.  This effect is the most simple.  It doesn’t even require fangs.  What? No fangs?  Yes, I said no fangs.  I read the books.  These vamps do not have fangs.  Weird, huh?



Vampire Stack


A video  on what you will need will be added to thos post later.  In order to make yourself a creature of the night, this the main thing you will need.

The Vampire Stack

Colors include:

Dead Guy Grey,

Undead Purple,

Bruised Red, and

Black.  You will need make-up wedges, q-tips, and make-up brush, translucent or colorless powder, a powder puff or blush brush, a spray bottle, and a towel.


After all…

Who wants to look like Edward when you can look like this…



Using the items listed on this blog.



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