Hun, Why is That Guy Shambling? Why is His arm Falling Off?



It’s the apocalypse!  Head for the hills!  They’re coming!  It’s the zombie invasion!

Oh…  Wait….


It’s just a post about zombies…  False alarm…


Everyone wants to be undead.  If not a vampire, than a brain-eating shambling pale-faced zombie that aimlessly wanders about.  Because of the recent rash of zombie movies over the past few years, people have trying to capture the look of a zombie.  Some try their hardest and never seem to quite get their. *shrugs*  Other people seem to have the knack of being able capture the essence of being one of the shambling dead.

Since the 1930’s (and possibly before that), Hollywood has been cranking out these shambling horrors for decades.  It has only been recently that they have gone from the classic slow shamble to the walking and then running.  Forget “keeping up with the Joneses.”  The new phrase is “Rule #1 Cardio”.  Now we run from the fiends, shoot them and and shoot them one more time for good measure.


How does one get “into character”?  Here we have the new standard.  Creepy clown in post apocalyptic zombie make-up.  This is actually easier than it looks.  As a matter of fact, you would be amazed.   I will be showing you the ins and outs of zombie make-up.  I won’t be doing Mr. Happy here, but I will be showing you how to do some basic effects.  The list is as follows:

1 roll of toilet paper (no you’re not seeing things)

1 bottle of Liquid Latex ( If you are allergic to latex, any bottle of water-washable glue will do as well)

1 Bottle of FX Blood

1 Undead stack (in the video.  or any of the alternatives discussed in the vid)


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