They’re Here!!! The Zombies Are Here!!!

As promised,  your playlist on how to make yourself into one of the shambling dead.  As for the rest of you, keep your rules close to your heart, and should survive.  Maybe…


If you can’t use -or afford- the liquid latex or even the paints, here is a young lady that uses petroleum jelly, tissue paper, craft paint, and regular make-up.  If you can’t use petroleum jelly, it will take some work, but they do sell something called Un-petroleum jelly.  It may take a little while to find it, but you can find it.

Of course, being Youtube videos, there are far more zombies than the eyes can see.  Explore, watch, and pick the zombie make-up that you think is best.  After all, it is you that you are turning into one of undead.

Until next time…


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