Soap Diaries… Lemon Verbena Soap


Lemon Verbena


This is the Lemon Verbena Soap:

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Avocado Oil

and Patchouli, Cypress, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils.  It has a wonderful aroma.  The three squares next to the loaf was my attempt at making the soap into molds.  One of these days I will venture to make CP soap, until then will keep making HP soap.







It overflowed a bit out of the crock pot.  I have to get a bigger one, or try the double boiler technique.  I had to keep a close eye on the batch.  truth be told, I had to pick ants out of the mix.  Yuck.  I had thought for a minute that the batch was ruined.  I am glad I’m practicing before I entertain the idea of selling the slices.

The soap in chunks

Here it is the soap.  I decided to chuck it up like this so I could use it for different things.  I gave a few pieces away to see if family and friends had a reaction.  I haven’t heard anything to the negative.  Just in case you’re wondering, below is the picture of the suds on the soap.  It makes a great lather.

The soap used...



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