It’s That Time of Year…

The weather is getting colder, the leaves are changing, and I am itching to heat up the oven and get baking!  This year, I am going to try tweak old recipes, and try out new ones!  I may even come up with some of my own creations.  This is out of necessity.  You see, my husband is allergic to artificial additives, and I am allergic to dairy.  The recipes, for an added bonus, will be dairy free and gluten free (Well, some will be gluten free.).  After I try it and see how it comes out, I will video myself making the goodies.  The format for the videos will be:

  • An opening with the recipe and price list.
    • This will be adjusted according to how much of the ingredients I am using.
  • A shot of the finished product.
    • This will be a picture of the previous time I made it.
  • A video (or video playlist) of me making or cooking the item.
    • YouTube only allows about 15 minutes of video time; so, most of the vids will probably in more than one part.

As always, you are welcome to comment and request stuff in the comments below the videos.  There is also a page on the Angels’ Muse Enterprises where you can hire me to come and cook for your event.

I hope you will like my Kitchen Alchemy Series.



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