I’m on my way!!! NaNo Update

Drum Roll Please



Talk about a sense of accomplishment.  I know.  I know.  I am still 3,607 words behind, but it is far closer than what I was before!  I mean, really.  Considering I started this with material I couldn’t count, and then managed to work it in later?  Not bad.

I do have to thank my friend Travis for the encouragement.  If you look at the previous updates, he was the one told me to keep it up.  I am currently printing the most recent stuff so that I can go back and proof read it.  He told me not to do this, but everytime I do, I add more material to the story.

Well, I am off.  I have to finish my coffee, get dressed, have breakfast with the hubby, and go to work at the gas station for eight hours.  I am hoping to have more physically written so that I can add it to my typed stuff when I get home..



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