I Have Stepped Out of the Norm and into The Disgusting Zone…

Okay,  after weeks of weighing myself, being depressed about my weight, and starting exercise only to stop it again, I have stepped on the scale this morning, and totally disgusted myself.

I weight 208 pounds.  I have never been above 200.  Last year I hinted at it at 198, but I got serious and started exercising and eating healthy.  Then came the holidays, and it all went to hell.  *sigh*  I knew I shouldn’t have stopped exercising, every time I do, the weight comes back and brings friends, no matter what I eat.

Even though it would be brave of me to post of picture of what I look like on here, I am not that brave.  I will wait until I am a bit lighter, and then post two pictures.  Right now, I am so disgusted with myself it’s not funny.  My size 16 pants don’t even fit anymore. *sigh*


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