What writing looks like…without a laptop…

Seriously, this is what the letter sorter next to my desktop looks like.


Oh the poor trees…

Not to mention the ink, the hours with my glasses on pouring over what I had printed to edit, add, detract, and move around.  Then there was the booting of the computer.  I learned the many uses of Ctrl+f so I didn’t have to scroll down countless pages to find the place to make the changes.  The feeling of being a bonehead when the spell checker kept reminding me that I had misspelled something.  Oh, the arguments I had with the writing program I had trying to tell it that the dialect I wrote in was not misspelled.  That was fun, let me tell ya.  Pure joy at its best.








How did someone such as me, with two jobs and starting a business have the time to sit at the computer and write all this?  Let’s just say that notebooks are my friends.

The notebook...

Yes, I carried it to work.  On the days I had to take my hubby to work, I had an hour before I clocked in to the party store job to edit my print-outs and add to the story.  And add I did.  There was a time, oddly enough, that I didn’t know how the story was going to end.  My imagination took the original beginning and went in a direction that I was not expecting.  It made the writing process more interesting, I guess.  I certainly wanted to know how it ended.  My husband still does. *snicker*   He was the best listener.  I know he liked the story, not because he told me, but because when we would get in the car to go

The red pen of doom at its worst.

somewhere, he would ask where the story was if I didn’t have it with me.  If I did, he would turn the radio off so I could read it to him.  I am so blessed to have someone so supportive. He would listen and give me writing prompts.  He would ask for clarity, which told me that I didn’t have enough detailed explanation, and he would bounce ideas off of me to get me talking about my story when we were at breakfast, or dinner.  Come to think of it, if it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would have ever been able to finish it.

Then there was Madonna.  She is one of the managers at the party store.  She encouraged me to keep the writing going.  It’s great to have a support group.


I can’t talk about support groups without my friends, Ruth and Travis.  They, too, were NaNophiles.  I would talk to Ruth about my book and she would talk to me about hers.  Travis would ask about my word count.  We would instant message back and forth excerpts from our books to read.  He even answered some questions about photography and how photogs would react when asked for their memory cards to further an investigation.  Then there was Bonnie.  She is a good friend of mine.  I picked her brain a ton.  You see, she used to be a police officer and she used to work the forensics half of a police investigation.  Without her, and watching forensic files, I would not have had a clue how a crime was processed.  Sure, I watch CSI and CSI-NY, but I needed information from a source that actually worked cases.  She is a gem.  They all are.  So in closing, this is what it finally looked like when I reach the end of the journey @13:30 hours on Nov 29 2010 after having started it on Nov. 8, 2010, officially.

I did it!!! Thanks to all of my friends, and family!!!



Now, on to the next?

(As my cheezburger friends would say…)

Aifinkso…  😉


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