A Christmas Centerpiece and a Simple Table Setting…

Edible Christmas Centerpiece
Christmas Centerpiece

A little bamboo, a little candy some ornaments and ribbon, and you have yourself a centerpiece that is both decorative and edible.  Why edible?  So that, by the end of the night, the only thing your putting away to recycle for next year are the ribbons and the ornaments.  I suppose you could recycle the take out box as well, but they come out with those every year and in different patterns, too.

Tools needed:


freezer bag

Materials needed:

Red and Green Wire trimmed ribbon 2@2.99 ea.     $5.98

1 Take Out Box                                                                          $1.00

39 Individual pieces of candy                                            $2.63

-15 of these being peppermints

Bamboo Skewers

8 Long                                                                                          $.16

16 short                                                                                       $.16

1 tube of mini ornaments                                                      $1.00

4 Candy Canes                                                                            $.48

Bag of Glass Beads (I already had these)                            ?

Curly Ribbon (on Sale last year)                                        $.99

Four Striped Silly Straws                                                      $1.00

Total for center piece                                                           $14.21

How did I do it?

  1. Take the skewers and place them in a freezer bag with the green food coloring and water.  You need just enough water to cover them.  Let them soak for two nights.  This will insure that the color is even.  Flip the bag over for the second night.
  2. When you are ready and the skewers are dry, place the peppermints to the side with the ornaments.  You will be using these candies last.

    Cut View of the Centerpiece
    A corner closeup of the centerpiece
  3. With the scissors, cut the flaps off of the box and the handle off as well.
  4. Place the glass beds in the box.
  5. Make for groups of the following alternating the color of the curling ribbon.
    1. 1-foot-long pieces of curling ribbon
    2. candy cane
    3. 2 long bamboo skewers
    4. 2 piece of candy
      1. place the skewers on each side of the candy cane.
      2. Wrap the ribbon around the group once before knotting to secure.
      3. Curl ribbon with scissors
      4. Place on piece of candy atop each of the skewers.
      5. Place the group on one corner of the box.
      6. Repeat three more times.
  6. Place four pieces of candy atop four short skewers.
  7. Place the skewers in the silly straws.
  8. Make two groups of four with two silly straws in each group.
  9. Tie with green ribbon.
  10. Make two more groups of four and tie with red ribbon.
  11. Place each grouping in each of the corners, alternating the ribbon colors.
  12. Place the peppermints and mini ornaments in the center.



Watch the video to the very end to get a the materials list and how-to on the table setting.  See you next time!


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