The Story of Chains and Planets

Saturn's Rings Chainmaille earrings
Saturn’s Rings
Chainmaille earrings

I know.  I know.  I will admit that the title seems a bit misleading, but when I started making this piece, it reminded me of Saturn and its rings.

See?  When you look at the just the main piece of the earring, it looks like a small planet with rings.  Maybe it’s just me.  I

The main part of the earring
The main part of the earring

do tend to have an imagination that thinks out of the box.  I used two different sizes of jump rings to make this little number.  I wish I had kept the pictures of the first incarnation, but I didn’t like it; so, since my foresight is a little narrow-minded, I deleted them from my camera.  As you see above, I added one ring on each end and ear wires.


This little coil came to me when I was thumbing through all my crystals, and findings to put a charm on the end.  I had a little blue wire left, and so I wound it around the gold wire you see here.  I took a couple of tries to get two coils that look alike.  You see,

The coil
The coil

aluminum is soft and tends to show tool marks quite easily.  I am a bit of perfectionist, you see.  Every time I went to made eye loop on the end I would squeeze too hard and make an ugly tool mark, making me start over.  I used an easy chianmaille style and tweaked it a bit.  If you want to see more.

Here is the link to the picture story.

Interested in purchasing?  Check back after Jan 1st



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