Ah… Love is the in air…

Well, it is for those of us who try to keep up with the holidays throughout the year.

Lover's Bliss
Lover’s Bliss

And just how did I do this?  Read on dear subscribers…  Read on…

Pendant with hand-wrapped bead.
Pendant with hand-wrapped bead.

To be honest, is started out as a bracelet.  I had measured out the length using my own wrist.  after I was done with this part, I started taking a good hard look at it, and thought that it would be better off as a necklace.

For those of you who visit my etsy page, this is the same weave I used for the Hearts on Chain bracelet.  I used this as a common link to the main part of the necklace.  I

Lover's Bliss Bracelet
Lover’s Bliss Bracelet

figured that it would be a nice way to incorporate a little chain art in with the charms that I used.

Below, is a double chain style that I tweaked a bit.  I added two small gold jump rings every other link so they would be highlighted nicely when the piece is worn.  I used a close-up shot here so that you could see the details.  After all, jewelry is all about the details.

Double chain with a twist
Double chain with a twist

I used faux pandora beads in the piece because I thought they were appropriate for what I was trying to do.  A lot of people put these on ready-made chains with spacers, but I like to do things differently.

Want to see more?  Visit the Flickr Photo Blog for details.

UPDATE:  It’s a bracelet again.  🙂 I looked at it when I was done and didn’t like it.  Want to know what I did with the chain?  Click here.

Etsy link will be put here when the shop opens.

Gallery time!


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