It’s All About Faith…

Wings of Faith Chianmaille Bracelet
Wings of Faith Chainmaille Bracelet

Made at one of my part-time jobs, this little thing waited for a long time for a clasp.

closeup of the chainmaille weave
Close-up of the Chainmaille Weave

I was toying around with a unique style of weaving the links together and came up with this.  It is inspired by the Byzantine way of stringing jump rings together.  I put two of these links together in the middle of the bracelet and added the cross for the focal point.

rear of the bracelet
The rear-end of the chainmaille bracelet






You see here I placed wings on the piece for finishing touches.  I put faux pandora beads on each side of the bracelet for a touch of color.  The “faith” charm has been placed on the back where the clasp is for extra decoration.

The Wing Charm
The Wing Charm


Need a little more detail?  Visit the flickr page.

Interested in purchasing the piece?  Visit the Etsy page.


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