Holy Crow!!! It’s Snow..

Or how the south gets shut down.


shot snowy compost heap
Not much composting going on...

In the south’s defense, much of this pretty stuff is ice.  We did get some snow today, but most of this fell Sunday night and stuck (no pun intended) around.  I had to step outside to take the picture.  I got a really good shiver.  I tried from the inside, but I got a ghost image of my camera.  It is safe to say that there is no composting going on with all this snow.

Snow fall
Snow Falling with the trees as contrast

This is a far better picture of the snow coming down.  I like how you can see the flakes falling in front of the tree line.  Granted, this probably isn’t anywhere near how it falls in the north, but down here, it doesn’t do this often.  I have to stay busy with blog posts and hobbies just so I don’t go a little loopy.  I will never make fun of people in north not having a life during the winter again, maybe. 🙂


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