Knitters and Crocheters Beware…


How I use your tools to make my chains…

Chainmaille tools
Yes, I cut the end of a crochet needle off.

Normal Jewelry Tools
Jewelry Tools

Wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, flat-nose, chain-nose, and other pliers help me to shape wire.  They also help me to open and close rings as well as help me to hand machine the jump rings for the chainmaille and other projects.






Mandrels and Wire
Mandrels and Wire



Yes, one of the mandrels is a crochet needle.  I had to cut off the end.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I couldn’t get the rings off the needle without it.  I use different colors for my wires.  You never know when silver or gold won’t do.








More and Mandrels and a punch
More and Mandrels and a punch



Here you go.  I labeled the sizes of the needles.  This way I don’t have to keep measuring them every time I go to make something.  The punch at the bottom makes holes in the bigger gauges so that I can make places for jump rings and fastenings.








More Tools
More Tools


You often can’t do the more intricate shapes of wire without a jig and the pegs to go with it.  To the right, there is a tool to twist the wire.  There is also a caliper.  This helps me the measure the sizes of the mandrels.









I figured that some of you would be interested in some of the tools that I use.  In the near future, I will be posting how I smooth out the ends of a jump ring so that it closes smoothly so it doesn’t scratch the wearer or catch on clothes.


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