Celtic Knots Chainmaille Necklace…


That Fact That I Seem to be in Love with a Certain Style.

Celtic Chainmaille Necklace
Celtic Knot Work Chianmaille Necklace


The Chain
The chainmaille style I used... Familiar, no?




Looks familiar?  I suppose it should.  For those of you who subscribe, I have fallen in love with this particular style of chainmaille.  There are so many different things that I can do with this little weave that I may be using this for a while.



Jump Rings for Necklace
Jump Rings for Necklace



I had a whole pack of wire for this project.  Sadly, I had to use a lobster claw for the finish.  I just don’t think going to the store for more wire when there is ice all around is a dire emergency.  I will switch out the clasps when the roads are manageable.   I may creative and follow my muse, but I won’t follow it to the store during icy conditions.




Knot Spacer Bead Unit
Knot Spacer Bead Unit




I used the same mandrel for this as I used for the rings.  A little green bead on each side frames the spacer nicely.  I made six of these.  It not only gave me more length for the necklace, it also used the rest of the wire for the piece.  These little pieces are what caused me to run out of wire.




The links spaced out



Then came the matter of spacing the links in between the bead units.  I felt that two between each unit.  It spaced out rather nicely, I think.  How about you?

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