Of Flowers and Pearls…

…Or the Set That I thought had a Home Before it was Finished.

Pretty isn't it? I thought so. To bad it sat for months...
Pretty isn’t it? I thought so. To bad it sat for months…

A Little History…

In June, 2010, I went to my favorite craft store to see what goodies they had for sale.  They have a stand with four sides that’s about 3-feet-tall.  It has bins on almost every side.  That is where I found the lovely little piece of glass to your left.

I picked it up, felt the contours, turned it over and took another long look at all the colors.  I put it back on the shelf.  Why, you ask?  I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do to with it.  You see, as a rule of thumb, if I can’t picture a bead or pendant in something, I don’t buy it.  I walked around looking at other findings and strings of beads when I remembered something.  The last time I left a piece I liked in the store because I didn’t have clue, it wasn’t there when the inspiration finally hit me.  Needless to say, it went home with me where it sat on shelf after shelf, month after month, waiting patiently.

>>>Flash Forward>>>

It was the third week of January, 2011, a Wednesday, and I am packing my usual contingent of beads and findings to keep me busy at the gas station.

The first strand. The glass pearls and blue cloisonné work well together, no?
The first strand. The glass pearls and blue cloisonné work well together, no?

(You see, when I am done with the side work, they let me do whatever I want as I long as I tend to the customers.)  I look up from my packing and saw the pendant, still in its original wrapping, adorning the shelf.  As I reached for it, I got a vision of the items in a necklace.  I put it in one of the pockets of the tackle box that I use as a bead bag, and rushed off to work.

I had to make a stop on the way to work.  I needed a bead board -portable- preferably.  The picture I had in my head told me this was a project that needed to be laid out.  I stopped at my craft store and then continued to work.  Side work done, I started to lay out all the items that I had brought with me to display and hopefully sell. (I work for a great family.)  I unwrapped my new toy and got to work.

Looks good, no? Little did I know I would run into a problem...
Looks good, no? Little did I know I would run into a problem…

I had the perfect plan.  It was going to be three strands, 18 -20-22 inches.  It was going to look great, in my mind anyway.  So, I laid the first strand out, pearl, cloisonné, alternating all the way around.  I thought it was looking pretty good, until I strung it.  It was short, choker length at best.  I needed more length.  I started digging through my beads in order to find some that wouldn’t clash yet be small enough to give me the length I need.

4mm swarovski crystals
Bingo. Nothing like swarovski crystals for that special touch.

I took these and the gold disks(heishi) in the picture above.  I placed the crystals in the middle and on each end of the piece.  I put the heishis in-between the pearls and cloisonnes and made sections out of them by using gold tube crimp beads.

Not bad? I didn't think so.
Not bad? I didn’t think so.

I got the length I needed.  During this process, I one of my regular customers came into the store, and asked me what I was making.

“What are you doing?”  She asked.  I picked up the stand with the glass and showed her.

“There are going to be two more strands that I am going to put with this.  One is going to have fresh water pearls, and the other is going to be a silver chain.”  She looked at me with a smile on her face and a glimmer in her eyes.

“You’re making it for me right?”

This is what she saw.
This is what she saw.

I tilted my head to one side. “Yeah.  I ‘m making it for you.”  I really didn’t believe her, at first. (Silly me.)  “I mean it.  You’re making it for me, right?”

I nodded. “Okay.”

“I’m gonna come back to get it.”  I smiled and nodded.  She bought some scratch-off tickets and left.

You see, this had happened to me before.  The Incan Puno Bracelet is still with me.  You can understand my disbelief now, right?  I mean a part of me was excited that I might have a sale.  The bracelet was supposed to be a neckalce, but … well, you can follow the link.

I took the string wire, crimp beads, and peacock colored fresh water pearls, and tape, yes, tape.  I began to string the pearls for the second strand.

I jazzed up the pearls with a little heishi action.  I strung these beauties all the way up.  I didn’t get the chain added to the necklace until I got home.  You see, I got a couple more pearls on there before I had to pack and head for home.  The next problem I ran into was how to do the multi-strand so that it wouldn’t fall apart.

All these strands just begs a figure 8.
All these strands just begs a figure 8.

I pulled all three through the cone and used a couple of beads, and looped the end.  Wondering what the item looks like now?  Keep scrolling down…  🙂

Flickr Photos

Not bad for a night’s work, huh?

BROKEN!!! (May, 2011)

It’s broken.  Someone came into the store and knocked the display over, breaking the glass pendant.  Now I have to redo the entire piece.


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