How a Mess Made a Necklace…

glass pearls in a container
This is the mess. Can you see the inspiration?

This mess happened to be made when the box that I store the pearls in was placed on its end in a carry bag to take to work (the gas station).  I opened the case and pulled it out only to find some of the beads had decided to move in with each other.  Then it hit me.  A couple of those would be perfect in a chain necklace.

I only used a couple of colors from the mess, and added cloisonnes and glass chips.  The next question was how to string it.

laying out the pattern
Had to lay it out. Needed to flesh out the idea.

 I thought about using stringing wire and crimp beads so I could space them just the way I wanted.

Having masterfully packed my bags for the gas station, I went

cloisonne beads and glass pearls
There is a story in here somewhere.

looking for the crimp beads only to find that I had left them at home.  So, I did what any self-respecting beader would do.  I cursed myself, and came up with plan “B”.  I broke out the wire and started to make bead units.  As I was putting all this together, I was coming up with another idea on how to string these little fellas together.

This is what I came up with, handmade “s” chain.  I figured I could work with this.  It would be easy to measure the length and space the units with these.

S-chain links
A Stack of “s”s.

I had to hook both strands together without breaking from the color

wire squiggle
A squiggle for a clasp? Yep!

scheme.  I made two squiggles, and fashioned a hook and a figure eight for the ring to hook it onto.  I don’t like to use jump rings to much for this part on necklaces that have more than one strand because I am always a little scared it won’t hold.

What does it look like?

chains and pearls
Chains and Pearls

This piece has been sold, but I would be more than happy to recreate it.



2 thoughts on “How a Mess Made a Necklace…

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