*Sigh* It’s almost September…

and I haven’t even cracked the story from last year open again to expand on the idea.  Two months until the next NaNo self-challenge, and the book from last year isn’t even polished.  I don’t even have an idea in the works…  or do I?  hmmm.  I remember that I left last year’s book open to a sequel, but I have a completely different idea for a book in my head.  This is the beginning I guess…

You see, at the age of thirty_mumble, I am a gamer, not an internet gamer.  I am an old fashioned dice-in-hand-sit-at-the-table gamer.  From years of playing this type of game, I have a few characters under my belt that I have played, and even wrote a couple of background stories.  One character in particular comes to mind.  Her name is Sasha Silverglade.  She is a half-elf.  For those of you who do game, she is a rogue/scout.  For those of you who don’t, you may still know what that is, but just for fun, she is a thief that can take care of herself rather well, and happens to be a good tracker to boot.  The story I have in mind for her is a novel about her humble beginnings.

So, I guess, until November rolls around, I will be outlining the book, making a loose history and listing some plot ideas.  It is going to be written in first person, so far.  I think that is the best way to go.


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