Ha…HA…Adventures in Writing…Okay…Procrastinating…That’s it…

So, I took my notebook and sketch pad to work with all intensive purposes of sketching the character for whom I am writing the story, and to outline the basic ideas for the book.  This is so I am NOT staring at the screen for endless minutes trying to figure out what in the world to write to for Nano this year.  I am not going to start writing it until November (unlike last year when the story came before the actual commitment forcing me to re-write much of the start of the book).  So, here I was at work ready to sketch and jot down ideas.

What did I do instead?

I pulled out the calendar for my business, and I set the schedule for the jewelry making classes that I will be teaching during the fall, winter and spring.  I placed the dates in the calendar.  I also added the RSVP deadlines as well (There is only me teaching the classes.  I had to make sure that I had no more than 5-6 students.).

Back on Track?

I looked at the book I brought for instruction to refresh my memory on how to sketch people. (I don’t sketch people often.  I am waaaay better at things.  I tend to put off people unless I have an inspiration/determination to sketch the human form.)  I flipped through the pages on facial features, facial proportions, and body proportions.  I even rebooted the part of my brain that drafted in high school by reading about perspectives.

Another Detour…

I re-opened the business notebook, and started layout a new look for the site.  I even started sketching a logo.  *face palm*  Sometimes, the inspiration you’re looking for knocks you in a totally different direction.

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown:

Good Grief

Blessings… The eternal procrastinator,



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