The Basics to Planning a Stellar Party…

There a few basic things that everyone should know when planning a party.  Most of these tips are common sense, but I have posted them here anyway to help those out who are planning a party for the first time.

1.     Set a date.

  • This may seem elementary to most people, but a setting a date will help you determine how many people should be able to attend.
  • Most parties, weddings, events are generally on the weekend so that a good number of people can attend.

2.     Set a time.

  • This will dictate what foods will be served at the party.
  • Morning parties usually call for breakfast foods, fruit salads and other fare that is served between 7 -9 am.
  • Mid-morning means a brunch menu.  Brunches are generally from 10am-2pm.
  • Lunch time can mean anything from lunch foods to finger foods.
  • Afternoon menus have a wide variety of appetizers snacks, and light fare.
  • Dinner parties can be as elaborate or simple as you would like them to be provided the food fits the time.

3.     When to send out the invites.

  • Three weeks before the party is an ideal time frame to send out invitations.  This will insure that the ones you invite will have ample time plan on being there, unless they already have something else planned.
  • Reminders for the party can be a week before.  This can be another round of invites, but to save on money, making confirmations by phone is generally best.
  • *****The only exceptions to the three-week rule are weddings and funerals.  Wedding guests need at least six weeks to plan, especially if the wedding is out of town.  Confirmation is usually another round of invites or phone confirmations.                                                                        *****You just can’t plan ahead for funerals.
  • Include an RSVP date and a way to reach you.  This is vital.  If you don’t know how many people are coming, you cannot plan to have enough food or favors!

4.     Is it Formal or Casual?

  • This is quite possibly the most important question in party planning.  Choosing one or the other sets the tone for the entire event.
  • Formal parties often times have soft music playing in the background and feature games that are sophisticated in their design.
  • Casual parties include lighter music and games that involve the entire compliment of guests.

5.     Theme

  • This goes along with whether the party is formal or casual.
  • Wine and cheese parties are formal in their concept.  Movie theme parties can be a fun experience for all.
  • *****I will go more into this in the ebooks that are in my store.

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