Chainmaille Bracelet… Um er… Ring. Chainmaille Ring. Part 1

coil of wire
In the beginning, there was wire.

Yep, this is how all my chainmaille project start.  With wire, a mandrel, and -if I am at work- my wrist action.  It is a shame that my drill is too big to take to work.  It takes twice to three times as long to coil wire by manually, but I love what I do, and I already painting a picture in my mind of how the piece is going to look.

I have already linked two rings to a hook for a closure and to mark the start of the bracelet.  The small diameter coil is going to be the small jumprings I am going to need to make what I call Celtic flowers.

This is the flower.  I am going to need three of these for the main part of the bracelet.  All I need to do is put a couple of wires into the drill hole of a bead, and place the bead in the middle for a little bit of color.  I am going to be using winter

Celtic Chainmaille
A bead will go in here. Celtic Crown Weave

colors so I am already thinking about what kind of bead I am going to use.

I tried a couple by just placing them in the center to see how they looked.  I finally settled on a blue glass drop, because the bottom of

See the two wires?  Those are going through the middle.
See the two wires? Those are going through the middle.

the bead settles neatly into the center.  I played around with just one wire through it at first, but the setting was not stable.  I ended up adding another wire.

So, I thread the wires through the center and pull the wires through until the bead is sitting the middle.  The flower turned into a cup,

Celtic Chaimaille
This is what happened when I put the bead through it.

and I had to put it down on the counter, and take a look at what happened.  Then the idea came to me.  I can make a ring!

Part Two is around the corner…


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