Chainmaille Bracelet… Um er… Ring. Chainmaille Ring. Part 2

Rings in a ring
There were two rings in the middle. I took one out.

There are several trials that got to this point in the design, but I didn’t take any pictures.  I placed two rings in the middle, and later, I took one out.  This was done so that it would hide the holes in the tail of the bead.

I tried different sizes of jump rings to get the right look for the center.  I think I went through about 4 different sizes.

I threaded two wires through the hole in the glass drop.  I then folded the wires to make four.  What you see here  is the result of slipping all the wires through the center.  Now, to wrap the wires around bottom and sides.  This is the tricky part.

Glass drop in chainmaille
Put the glass drop through the middle.











wire working a bead
Shoring up the bead. Make sure you weave evenly. Just needs a dab of glue.


In order to shore up the bead, I wove the wires through rings on the bottom, and to shore up the flower so it would not fall open, I wrapped rings together on the sides.  It took a little while, but I got it all done, and it the gas station no less.  That is no small task.  My manager wonders how I don’t go cross-eyed.







Gallery anyone?


Purchasing information will be posted here after January 1, 2014

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