The Lucy Party

I love Lucy theme
The "I Love Lucy" Party Theme

The “I Love Lucy” 50th Birthday Party…

It all started back in when my friend declared that she wanted a “Lucy” party.  ‘Well’, I thought to myself, ‘That shouldn’t be too hard.  I’ll just get online and order some stuff to decorate with, make the cake and order some food.’  Was I ever wrong.  I looked online and couldn’t find a single thing “Lucy”  except for memorabilia.  That wouldn’t do.  I started thinking along other lines.  Time to get crafty and think completely out of the box.  I had to really think hard about the decorations, not to mention the cake itself.

Shopping list:

1 pink table cloth

1 clear table cloth

1 pack of heart-shaped confetti

2 packs of tissue paper (white and pink)

2 packs of cups (pink and red)

2 packs of plates (pink and red)

6 maracas

an assortment of Hershey’s kisses

A party tray of Cuban sandwiches from Publix,

plastic ware, and of course

1 cake.

She absolutely loved it.  The smile on her face made the war I had with the fondant all worth while.  Everyone had a blast.  I had to admit.  Everything looked better than I had expected.  I am so glad when everyone is happy.  That is the best “thank you” of all.

If you would like one thrown for a friend or family member the price for the party is

350.00  This includes all the purchases necessary for making the cake, and procuring the food. I also set-up and clean-up after.  If your are interested, email me and I can set-up a meeting so we can go over the contract.

To have the kit mailed, including recipes, the price is $172.50  This includes paypal, shipping and handling fees.  The kit will have instructions on how to make the centerpieces as well as how to layout the table.  Please, include in the email if your area has a grocery store that makes Cuban sandwiches.  If not, I will include the recipe for the sandwiches.

To purchase the party package to do it yourself, click here.

Any infringement on the “I Love Lucy” trademark was completely unintentional. This is a non-licensed, home-made theme for the party requested. This is merely on suggestion on how to throw a themed party.  No images of Lucille Ball or any of her affiliates were used the in theme.

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