Venue Limitations… Know them…

As you are looking for a venue to have your event, you have to take into consideration what restrictions in terms of decorations, time constraints, and also what types of festivities they will allow.  Some venues may let you decorate to the nines, while others will not let you put anything on the walls.  Some will let you serve anything you want.  Some say no alcohol.

In your search for a venue,  don’t forget to ask the following questions:

  1. I am planning a [insert event here].  Is this venue available for [insert date and time]?
  2. What are your rates?
  3. Is this for the day or a short amount of time?
  4. What is the time limit for renting the space?
  5. What all does the rental include?
  6. Are there any restrictions on decorations?Food or beverages?
  7. What is the capacity of the venue?  This is very important if you are planning a large event like a wedding or a reunion.
  8. May I schedule a time to come and tour the venue?  NEVER rent a venue unseen.  I know the internet is wonderful and there are sites that feature virtual tours, but if the event is that important to you, shouldn’t you go and see the place with your own eyes?


The three rules of real estate also apply to choosing your venue.

  1. Pick a location that is central to everyone.
    1. If you have relatives that live all around the area but not all in the same city, make the venue more accessible to everyone.  This means find a spot as close to the middle of everyone as possible.
  2. It must be easy to get to.
    • We all have at least one relative that is not so great with complicated directions, and the GPS, although right on most occasions, is prone to send someone off the grid every once in a while.
      • Include directions in the invitations.  If you have mass transit, call and find out all available routes and include those as well.
  3. Make it easy to spot.
    • This can be done with a road sign posted outside the building pointing to it.  Many party supply stores will have signs like these.  If there is no place to put the sign, have someone stand outside.
    • Balloons are also a great marker.  Just a few on a post or sign outside the facility will tell everyone where you are.
  4. Finally…  It must be in a location that is inviting.
    • The area surrounding the venue should be clean, well kept, and open.
    • Having an event in a place that is dark, known for its crime rate, and usually has unwanted visitors, will drive your party guests away.

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