Watch That Wallet! How to Set a Budget for an Event.

This is the most important detail next to choosing your theme.    This number should be a non-negotiable amount.  This means, once you set it, do not change it or go over the limit that you set.

Price check themes and catering vs doing it yourself and getting others to help.  Generally, doing it yourself is cheaper in the long run.

Doing it your is not as difficult as it sounds.  This recipes that are included in the party guides are simple and often times are no more than five steps long.  The craft ideas are simple as well and come with written instructions and will be supported with video tutorials linked to You Tube.  The videos will be posted to this blog.

There are two way to stick to your party budget:

1. Get gift cards (Visa or Amex)  and place the money on them.

2. Take out the amount of cash for the budget and place it them in labeled envelopes.  The envelopes should be labeled as follows:

~ Gas – This helps with transportation getting everything you need.

~Food and catering supplies – The includes chafing kits, food trays, and groceries for the menu and drink list.

~Tableware and decorations – Plates, cups, plastic ware, streamers, etc…


~Planning materials – Guides, lists, etc.

This will ensure that you will not go over budget.  If it helps, leave the credit and debit cards at home to remove temptation.


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