Invitations set the mood… When planning a party, the invitations you choose to send set the mood for the event. It gives the potential guest something to expect. This means that you have to be careful to choose the right invitation.

Is it a formal affair?
If so, then the invitation that you are looking for must have a feel of elegance about it. Just keep in mind that elegant doesn’t mean overdone.

Is it casual?
This should make it easy to choose the invitations. In this case, the invitations should reflect the theme.
Don’t break the bank.
Don’t forget to set the budget stick to it. In many cases, this means that you might have to get creative with invitations.

Split them up.
If you need to make that dollar stretch, send the more fancy invitations to family and very close friends, and ones that fit the theme, but are more economical to everyone else on your list. Don’t be afraid to use e-invitations as well. All these things can help stretch that budget, and allow you to invite everyone on your list.

Dress up the simple…
If your buying simple invitations, you can dress them up a bit with a little bit of ribbon, and you’ve got a fancier version of the invitation that you originally purchased.

Always keep in mind that you still have to follow-up to get a set number of people in attendance.

Until next time…


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