GAH!!! I Channeled My Parents!!!

We have all told ourselves when we were kids, “When I grow up, I am not doing this to my kids, if I have any!”

How long did that last for you?

For me, it lasted until my son was beginning to assert his independence. He want to put on his own clothes. Mind you, he was about 2 when he decided that he was old enough. Cute, right? Who’s kid isn’t cute at that age?

We were getting ready to go shopping (errands mostly). He couldn’t find his shoes.

Don’t you go getting ahead of me now…

“Paul, hurry up. We’ve got to go.”. I hollered this from the doorway.
In a typical 2-yr-old’s voice when they think they are being left, he whines, “I can’t find ’em, mama.”

You see this coming…
“If you would put them where they go, they would be there when you need them.”

Yep, I went there, but doesn’t everybody?

When was the first time you channeled your parents?


One thought on “GAH!!! I Channeled My Parents!!!

  1. “Cry and you get nothing.”

    I let that one come out earlier this week when dealing with my two-year-old’s tantrum in the grocery store. It was a classic from my parents.


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