The Guests Make all the Difference…

Oftentimes when we are in the planning stages of throwing a party, we sit down and jot the names of everyone we can think of to invite, and then we reach for our address book, whether paper or virtual, and add to the list thinking that if we leave someone off the list, they will not talk to us ever again. Here is food for thought.

Have you ever considered that you forgot them on purpose?

Let’s face it. We all have friends or acquaintances that are tolerable. Those that are good to spend time with, and yet find a way to ruin every event they are invited to attend. They never miss a party. As a matter of fact, they believe they are the life of the party when, in actuality, they are an embarrassment to themselves and the one who invited them. Do you know someone like this?

The best way to show them they’ve done something wrong is to leave them off of your list. Yes, when they find out they will probably not be happy with you, at all. They will ask -sometimes demand- you to tell them why they weren’t invited. Even though it will be difficult, tell them the truth. After all, if no one tells them, how will they figure out they need to tone it down?

The next time you sit down to make that list, think about who you invite. It is your event. You should be able to enjoy it, right?


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