Don’t know how I am doing this, and grandma update :(

I am down to 205 pounds! I am attributing this to the fact that my monthly is over, and my hot air balloon imitation is over. That is TWO POUNDS, though. *shrugs* Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth right? The bad part is; I only exercised once last week, and I don’t know why I am still bloated. I have to find out what the deal is. I don’t like feeling stuffed when I am not.

On a more serious note, my grandmother only has 85% lung capacity, and is fully disabled. The only time I called her, it took her a couple of minutes to remember whose daughter I was. The up-side (if there is one here) is that she remembered sending me a care package and wanted to know if I had gotten it. I was talking to her through a friend of the family that was at the physical rehab center. I heard her in the background, though. She didn’t sound like the grandma that I know. This visit to see her in February is going to be a tough one, to be sure.


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