Hey Lady, You Got Stuff Floating in Your Water…

Yes, I know, thank you.  What you see in my trusty water bottle are two orange peels and a cinnamon stick.  Why?  Because both together

water bottle
Orange peels and a cinnamon stick

not only flavor the water wonderfully, they also contain Vitamin C, bioflavinoids, fat burning qualities, and help give you a sustained energy boost that doesn’t run out like energy drinks.  You can add as much water as you like.  The flavor only takes a couple of shakes, or, you can leave the water sitting out overnight for a boost from the very first sip.

The Peel (5 grams):

-Vitamin A, 25 IU;

-Potassium, 12 mg;

-Vitamin C, 8mg.  

-Let’s not forget that the white stuff is bioflavinoid.  This boosts the action of the Vitamin C in the peel.  This gives the water most of its flavor.

Now for the cinnamon stick:

-Vitamin K 34 mcg

-Calcium 8mg

-Iron 14mg

Natural Caffeine

 Not bad for adding two little things in the water, right?  So, the next time you want to go to the store and get all those HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup,ahem, corn sugar) laden sports drinks or energy drinks that have loads of caffeine and sugars, reach for an orange, and grab a cinnamon stick instead.  You’ll feel all the better for it.  

Until next time.  Live right, and eat healthy!






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