It’s Green. The Smoothie I mean…

The Green Monster Smoothie

Yep, it's green, but yummy!

1/3 cup Raw Pepitas (Soaked overnight)

1/4 cup Raw Almonds (Soaked overnight)

1 tbsp coconut flour

1/2 tbsp  Wheat Grass Powder

1 tsp Spirulina

1 medium Banana

1/2 tbsp molasses

1/2 tbsp raw honey


  1. Place nuts and Pepitas seeds in the blender, and add just enough water to cover.  Blend until smooth. Add more water, 1/3 cup

  2. Add coconut flour and a little more water to make it just a touch thinner, but not much. 1/4 cup

  3. Add wheat grass, molasses, honey, and spirulina

  4. Add banana and 1/3 cup more water.

  5. Blend until it is smooth, and devoid of any chunks.

  6. Makes 1-16 ounce smoothie.  I broke it up into two 8-ounce smoothies.  It stays relatively thick.  Great for extra energy before a workout.


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