Made in America: Modern Table Linens By Chiqui & Ita

Modern Table Linens Chuiqui and Ita…

The perfect compliment to any occasion.

Medallion Table Runner

From the Whimsical to the Formal…

Looking for that one thing to go on the table to make people go “wow”?  Based out of Franklin, Tennessee, this shop will give you that extra piece for any occasion that you want to make memorable.  From fruity prints to damask, she’s got all the angles covered.

Circular Motion Table Runner

1. What was the inspiration for your craft?

My name is Tania. I have a passion for home design and home interior decoration. I also enjoy designing and creating my own table linens. My love for everything modern, clean lines, minimalist but vibrant at the same time has inspire me to open my own shop. All my linens have been made with love, time, and care-you will feel the spirit behind each piece. I want to thank my mom for being my muse and interpreter; she supports my dream of having my own business and enjoys my designs and ideas. I thank her for teaching me how to sew, and for her enthusiasm and energy.

2. When did you start making invitations and party supplies?

I have been officially crafting for the past 12 months, when I decided to open my own Etsy shop. Before Etsy, I will help my friends and family decorate and made table runners for them and for myself. One day my mom suggested to open my own shop and that is how Etsy started.

3. What brought you to Etsy?

 Etsy seemed like the perfect place to do my business. Etsy has great exposure!

Looking for her elsewhere?
on Pinterest: chiquiita

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